Poems/Lyrics – You to Heal

Metaphysicians observe and heal
from depths and dimensions
to heights and heavens
will they go for you to heal

Doktors & Mambos observe and heal
drumming for energy to descend from the heavens
dancing for spirits, that return our obsession
will they go for you to heal

blue bass drum

Gemstone Tip of the Day

Celebrating an Anniversary?  Amethyst is the Gem which symbolizes the 4th, 6th & 17th wedding anniversary celebrations.  Happy Anniversary!

Blue Wisdom

This release is meant as a representation of memories and the experience of the weekly mass that I attended long ago. In this release, I attempted to take the separate musical parts of the mass and blend them chronologically into one composition. The inspiration for this was the time I spent singing in school and church choirs throughout my life, in addition to my fascination with the organists. I began this musical journey taking organ lessons as a young boy.

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