Here is where we post articles that are newsworthy, educational and fun.  Some of the practices and subjects that we study are taboo in some parts of the world for various reasons. Mostly they have gotten a bad reputation because of books and movies over a very long period of time. The links to articles below refer to information that might help debunk some long-held untruths about those subjects. Our hope is that through the process of educating that we might provide you with information that will aid in healing.  It could be musical and/or spiritual, but the important thing is that it is healing.

Despite the fact that my name shows up as the author in this list, most of the entries have other authors that will be obvious after clicking the link to the original article.  Happy reading………


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The Barton Garnet Mine, established in 1878 in North River NY is the oldest family owned & operated mine in the US. Visit

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