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Welcome to BBDL! Our web address is This is the education center of Blue Bass Drum. We are an online school, geographically located in Covington, Louisiana. Our course concentration is in the area of Shamanism and Spiritual Healing. We have a long history teaching and training in a variety of environments. The majority of that experience has occurred in the University and/or company training settings. But as consultants in the area of IT, we are really teaching every day.  There is nothing quite as gratifying than to be able to assist another along their personal path in a positive, loving and compassionate way.  Along our own journeys, we at BBDL noticed was that a good number of the educational settings did not emphasize “real world” experience. We decidedly took a path that would emphasize this type of experience, or hands-on type of education method. The reason was simple. We evaluated our own experience and nothing came close to what we learned by doing.Our mission is to educate others in the loving and compassionate ways of ancient worldly spirituality in an online setting. We aren’t attempting to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best educators in our chosen fields. We have two goals with our classes. 1.) We want to create a loving and warm environment for the student to learn.We want you to feel comfortable studying  a subject that isn’t always accepted in the mainstream. 2.) We want to ensure that you learn at levels necessary to master the subject matter and transfer those lessons to real world practice, if that is what you choose. Learning at this level gives you the ability to do that.

We call what we teach Core Shamanism. Core Shamanism is a set of principles that have been gathered over the years by anthropologists and other researchers that were common among all indigenous tribes around the world.  Teachings from various spiritual groups provide examples of how it’s not just a small group that believe these principles. Core Shamanic principles are taught in many religions and spiritualist churches. They may call it something different, but the teachings are very much the same as Shamanic principles.

Learning completely online is not a new concept. We were pioneers in the online learning community, bringing courses and textbooks online in the early to mid 2000’s, in conjunction with universities that were just dipping their toes into the online waters. This was right before online schools became a viable alternative to brick and mortar in many cases. Our technical expertise in this area, in combination with our own experiences as students and mentors of different modalities of spirituality, make us uniquely qualified to make such an offering.

Shamanism can empower you to bring positive change to your own life and provide you a strong spiritual awakening for discovering existing and hidden talents.  It is truly a way for you to become  acquainted and know your true self (who and what you really are). It is a process of discovery and glorious reconciliation.

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