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Our multi-media slideshow showcases some of the things that we have created in conjunction with spirit assistance.  This is meant to give you a taste of what we do, and how we use our gifts in multi-media.  Below is a slide show of various presentations.  You can use the arrow to the right and left of the slideshow to move back and forward, if you’d like to stop it at any point.

Welcome to the Blue Bass Drum Multi-Media presentation

We created this presentation to give
potential students a preview of some
of the type of amazing things that are
discovered along the way,
during the journey of Shamanism

These are only the things
experienced by one person.
Keeping in mind that we are all
beautifully unique, the
possibilities are endless.
Please enjoy the show.

Sun Jazz Ritual is a real Shamanic Ritual
It is based on a modified version of a Sun
Ritual, and we teach the full version in
our Shamanic Apprenticship.

So, which came first, the ritual or the
song? In this case it was the ritual.

Stand beneath the Sun and take in its
awesome energy. Do not look directly
at the sun. Do this while listening to
this song.

This is called Heaven's Mornings

art by Sarah Glynn

music by Mark Glynn

blue bass drum

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