Blue Shamanic Apprenticeship

Wow, after months of intensive studying, remembering, researching and writing, we finally got to the end of the Blue Shamanic Apprenticeship courses.  This has been an honor for me to take this journey again.  When practicing Shamanism, it always gives me a humbling feeling to participate in traditional rituals that our ancestors practiced.  When writing, I literally had to address all of the issues that I experienced in my own apprenticeship.  That was really nice and another of those mind-blowing experiences.

Despite the fact that our website may seem a little disjointed at times, there was a specific purpose and audience for writing the course.  My background is in corporate America from a career standpoint.  After years of observing and practicing, I noticed that there were a lot of folks interested in mysticism and spiritual healing, but maybe never found the right entry point into Shamanism or some other belief system.   I was specifically trying to communicate with those souls first.  As an outgrowth of that target audience, I began to notice that the 20 something age group also liked the style in which we wrote the course.

I also wanted to touch as many as possible who may have been raised in a similar background as myself.  It just felt like there was a big wide Houston, Tx sized highway running between the environment where I started this journey, and where I needed to be to enter the path slowly.  This is an attempt to lovingly and compassionately become the bridge between these two places.  We also have written the course in a way that welcomes those who have busy lives working and raising a family, etc.

There are 3 courses, but the first one is FREE and is the 1st 3 chapters from part 1 of the Blue Shamanic Apprenticeship, so there are really only two full courses. Blue Shamanic Apprenticeship, Part 1 & 2.   At the completion of both of those courses, a student would be certified by Blue Bass Drum.

I am really proud of how these courses have taken shape, and although they may go through future changes, my hope is that they are right for right now.  If you are at all interest in this type of work, there is much more information, including a curriculum in the description of each course.  Try the first one on us.  Blue collar Shamanism is a 3 Unit FREE course and sets the tone for the kind of work we do.

Mark Glynn, CSP

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