Unit 1: What is Shamanism? An Overview

Dec 3,17

Shamanism: Our course is meant to be an introduction into the practices of shamanism.  Even though most of the work …

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Books: See Them, Hear Them, Touch Them

Nov 12,17

Because modern existence has each of us born and raised in varying circumstances, one sometimes feels stuck in these circumstances.  …

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The Shamanic Collection

Sep 30,17

Introducing the latest music release from Blue Bass Drum, this is called “The Shamanic Collection“.  Click on the title to …

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Worship at the Altar!

Sep 22,17

Many historical faiths use Altars as a focal point of worship, including Greek and Norse religion. Altars are used in almost all spiritual practices …

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Shamanic Walls: Where it all began!

Sep 3,17

This summer of 2017 has been filled with wonder and amazement from various perspectives.  There have been a few obvious …

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American Indian tribes hope for eclipse renewal…

Aug 20,17

American Indian tribes hope for renewal in… see more

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Birds of a Feather

Jul 22,17

My father was a person who in ordinary reality loved birds and bird watching when he was still alive.  It …

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Funeral for a Tree

Jul 15,17

The inspiration for this article was born out of commentary on social media related to a video that had been …

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Psalm 23 re-written for Shamanic Practice

Jun 21,17

While studying the practice of what is known as Hoodoo and the spiritualist churches in south Louisiana, it becomes obvious …

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Blue Shamanic Apprenticeship

Jun 7,17

Wow, after months of intensive studying, remembering, researching and writing, we finally got to the end of the Blue Shamanic …

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