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This is a FREE course.  The unit contained in this short introductory course is also part of the Kriya Shamanism – Part I.  If you complete the unit with instructor feedback, it will count towards the Part 1 of the apprenticeship, if that is the direction you decide is for you.  If you sign up and submit assignments, an instructor will evaluate and respond to your work.  This course introduces the core principles and practices of Shamanism to anyone interested in truly becoming your destiny.  Yes, the title of the course is a play on our name, but it is the perfect color for the people that we were writing for.  Shamanism IS for everyone if that is what you choose.  We are of the belief that these ancient spiritual beliefs and tools are the birthright of anyone who is interested in utilizing them for healing and discovery.  A short description of Shamanic practice would include the statement “The practice of Shamanism is a way of retrieving our soul, so that we can become whole again (the essence of what we were meant to be).

I wanted to touch as many as possible who may have been raised in a similar background as myself.  It just felt like there was a big wide Houston, Tx sized highway running between the environment where I started this journey, and where I needed to be to enter the path slowly.  This is an attempt to lovingly and compassionately become the bridge between these two places.  We also have written the course in a way that welcomes those who have busy lives working and raising a family, etc.

This is our attempt to reach folks who might not otherwise have had the opportunity to experience the introduction of these ancient spiritual principles, beliefs and practices.  Shamanism has been practiced for 40,000 years and it’s still working.  Practicing the loving and compassionate ancient principles, rituals and ceremonies of Shamanism can assist one in ways that they could never have imagined.

The course contains 1 Unit.   Each unit has a lecture (text) and possibly multi-media to assist in the assignments.  After each unit, there may be several assignments that are hands on.  We are firm believers in real world example and experience.  Too many times people get a job after college and not have any idea what to expect.  This is doing a disservice to the student.  Our teachings contain real-life examples, and real-life assignments so that the student gets a well-rounded idea of what it was and is to be a Shamanic practitioner.  We use a lot of examples in our teachings for obvious reasons mentioned above.  The Units contain examples sufficient enough to expose the student to different practitioners and their unique points of view.

Shamanism can empower you to bring positive change to your own life and provide you a strong spiritual awakening for discovering existing and hidden talents.  It is a process of discovery and glorious reconciliation.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Entheogens: There have been a small number of indigenous tribes that have, and continue to use psychoactive drugs like LSD, Ayahuasca or Peyote in Shamanic practice.  In our opinion, these are not necessary to experience the wonderful effects of the practice of Shamanism.  We strongly discourage the use of any and all entheogens while taking this course.  Safety is one of the number one concerns of our teaching.  Yes, we love Shamanism as long as it is practiced safely and in a warm loving environment.

Safety: It is rather pointless to pursue the study of Shamanism if there is not a commitment to only practicing it in a physical space that is totally safe.  In other words, it is very unsafe to attempt to practice Shamanism while driving a car, or any other activity that requires out undivided attention. Because of this we will require that you commit and attest to the fact that you will only practice assignments in situations where safety has been evaluated and confirmed.

Registration Process: If you are convinced that this path would assist you in your own personal and spiritual growth, registration for the course is as follows:

  1. Go to and purchase the course.  It doesn’t cost anything, but it is necessary to go through the process.
  2. During the purchase process, you will be assigned a userid and password for access to the course.
  3. You will also be sent an email to change your password from email confirmation link.
  4. Once your password is changed, Login to the site and answer the profile, intake questions from within your account.
  5. You will now be ready to start the course.

You have direct access to the instructor at all times, so that even the most esoteric of inquiries can be answered to the students satisfaction.

Mark Glynn, CSP, CST

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