Code of Ethics

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Blue Bass Drum associates abide by the Code of Ethics and ethical policies below:   

Alliance with our Teachers: The associates of Blue Bass Drum will work in cooperation with Spirit Guides, and will be guided by those Spirits when offering services to patients and students.

Differences:  Always be respectful of others in their differences knowing that each person has many unique qualities.  Adopting this approach is a hallmark of any successful practice of Shamanism.  Our uniqueness is what makes us one and at the same time part of the whole.

Talking, Thinking, Doing: Blue Bass Drum associates are mindful of (talking) words, (thinking) thoughts, and (doing) actions, and the important roles they play in a healing and/or learning environment.

Compassion: Blue Bass Drum associates will perform work with compassion, empathy and absent judgment.

Do No Harm:  Blue Bass Drum associates practice as policy of ‘Do No Harm”, which is part of a Medical Doctors’ Hippocratic Oath.  This policy also recognizes that instuctors/mentors do not use their positions of trust to take advantage of any vulnerabilities of others.  

Privacy:  Blue Bass Drum places the highest priorities on maintaining it’s associates’,  clients’ and students’ privacy.  We will take no action that would deliberately expose that trust.

Honesty and Integrity:  Blue Bass Drum associates will be honest with clients, students and other practitioners.  We will always be truthful in the presentation of ourselves in marketing campaigns.

Fair Fees:  Blue Bass Drum will offer fees commensurate with services rendered, and fair to the instructor, client and student.

Care of the Associate: We recognize that we are part of an industry that services others.  Because of that we recognize the importance of keeping the teachers personal self in balance and will do so to the best of our ability.

All the best intentions, love and blessings,

Mark Glynn, CSP, CPA (inactive)

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