Healing Appointments

  • Cleansing -a more traditionally well-known practice, cleansinginvolves assisting unwantedspirits and energy to leave a person, location or animate object. The practitioner essentially assiststhe unwanted spirits or energies to more compatibledimensionsusing prayers, blessings and rituals to clear unwanted energies.
  • Divination -Divination is as old as creation itself. In western society it has been regarded as irrational, superstitious and not real. It is a way of revealing the truth. The practitionerreveals or uncovers hidden truths about clients or themselves that will assist in the spiritual healing. There have been all kinds and types of divination practiced by indigenous people around the world. There are tarot readings, rock divination, cloud divination, etc. During our research, we were given the gift of a very specific process of flower divination that we use in our practice.
  • Ritual Practice and Creation– rituals and ceremonies have been a part of spiritual practice since ancient times. Rituals markinitiations and passage from one spiritual state to another (ie. graduations). There are some cases where spirits may find it necessary to use well known rituals or even suggest completely new ones.
  • Power Animal Retrieval -a shamanic method used to connect us to benevolent helping spirits in animal form. These helping spirits can provide us with power, protection and support. Power animals are one type ofhelping spiritavailable to us forspiritualhealth and well being.
  • Soul Retrieval -with the assistance of spirit helpers, the shamanic practitioner works withthose spirits to return and bringing the soul or soul partsback to their original owner. In this process, the person’s soul isrestoredand energybrought back to itsoriginalstate (The way things should be).
  • Extraction -shamanic extraction is a ceremony that deals with removing misplaced energy from themselves or a client. If energy is misplaced or it isnt in balancewith the environment it will bring illness and must be removed.
  • Psychopomp– an escort or guide thatassists souls to their proper place in the afterlife. In western society it has been referred to as assisting wayward souls to cross over.
  • Candle Vigils – we hold candlevigils all throughout the month. A vigil isa set of prayers that will be saidfor a clients’ particular intention for a certain period of time with a candle that signifies the intention.

We will accept distance healing services. We are currently using Google Plus On Air to connect practitioner and client in a video chat.


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Did you know? Necklaces made with January gemstone Garnet have been found in graves in Czechoslovakia dating as far back as the Bronze Age.

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