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Music has been recognized as healing energy for centuries. Music has been a major gift  for spiritual, emotional and physical healing and grounding.

Blue Bass Drum originates from New Orleans, the city that created American music.  Raised on Funk, R&B, Jazz, Blues & Rock, they incorporate healthy doses of all of these genres into original compositions.   After 40+ years of observing and studying music in all forms, a spiritual experience found Mark Glynn with an outpouring of original musical ideas that continues.   These compositions are who he is.

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See what Mark says about music “Music has been recognized as healing energy for centuries. For me it’s been a matter of survival. Music has been a  blessing for spiritual, emotional and physical healing that I could not ever repay. It’s simply what keeps me as grounded as I could ever be. I’ve loved just about everything about music since I can remember.

I am overjoyed and too blessed and profoundly humbled to have been able to experience what it’s like to compose, record, and play your own music, and like it (most of the time).”

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