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St. Joseph Lillies
St. Joseph Lillies from Great Grannies house in #Nola

As far back as I can remember.   I’ve always been in awe of growing a beautiful plant and seeing it flower or produce fruit.  Over the years, I’ve dug up my folks backyard at 10, grown many house plants and created vegetable gardens. Now I just add flowers or other plants every year to our garden, and move them around in an attempt to put them in their rightful space.

Somewhere along the line I became infatuated with the healing properties of plants and plant medicine.  As with our other activities, it became clear that my love of flowers and plants could play a larger role in my life for their healing properties.  It is much like researching a subject to solve a problem.

It is absolutely amazing how many different types of plants one can find on a 3 acre lot.  A couple of years ago I began to collect and dry flowers in the spring for the purpose of burning it in my incense.  Now I collect  all kinds of plants, fruits and herbs in the yard, dry them and use them in our products.

When I was growing up, I also became fascinated with cooking.  Not just any cooking, but south Louisiana cajun and creole cooking.

In- gris gris-dients
In- gris gris-dients

On my Pop’s side of the family their were ample teachers, and mine was my grandmother (Gladys Guidry Knight, pretty ironic huh!), or “Granny” as we called her.  Because I took particular interest in her cooking, she began teaching me more and more of the secrets of her cooking.  Spaghetti & meatballs, baked macaroni, fried pork chops, gumbo, jambalaya, baked pork roast, all done with the cajun french recipes of old with some italian twists to it.  Her teacher was my great-grandmother (Isia Theriot Guidry), who was born and raised in Terrebone Parish, in the heart of the South Louisiana Cajun French migration from Nova Scotia.

Great Granny and Great Grandpa
Great Granny and Great Grandpa

My grandmother gave me her mother’s black iron pot and at the same time she gave me the recipe to smothered potatoes, because that’s what she remembered about the pot.  I kept it for many years and even made smothered potatoes in it, once or twice, just like I was told to do it.  When my grandmother passed away, I didn’t really acquire much, but for me the prize of the house was one of her her black iron pots.  I maybe used it once since 2002.

Granny doing' what she did best!
Granny doin’ what she did best!

One the other side of the family, there was just more variety than I can remember as they were from Greece and Italy.  My grandfather was an Italian butcher, and my grandmother’ family was from Greece.  I remember the Italian spaghetti and meatballs, and it was way different from Grannys’. They had Greek bread and baklava.  Unfortunately, I really didn’t cook with them like I did with Granny, but the food was fabulous, and the greek bread was something you could never forget.

Those pots sitting in their rightful place
Those pots sitting in their rightful place

Sometimes I wonder just how much history of ancestral cooking these two pots have performed between them. In this part of the country, you never know what kind of majik gumbo those cajun ladies are cookin’ up.  Those pots sat in my pantry together for almost 15 years, without being used.  Much like playing music, I

Purple Iris

had long since given up on my contributions in the kitchen.  Like music I hadn’t quite realized that the cooking I would do, would be in an enchanting kitchen that I hadn’t quite imagined yet.

When it became obvious that my lifelong plant interests could help in more ways, it all came together like it should have been this way all along.  The plants would be used in making healing products to benefit others with the pots and pans of my ancestors.

Our goal with our products is to use, as much as possible, ingredients that were grown or exist on our South Louisiana property. Great care is taken to keep the land and plants healthy and not disturbed in major ways.

All of our spiritual and healing products are HERE


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