Poems/Lyrics – Cosmic Phunk (Tribute to Dr. John)

Slide around and up and down.
That’s Cosmic Phunk
Nice guitar, now touch that star
That’s Cosmic Phunk
We’re on cruise control, to see black holes
That’s Cosmic Phunk
I just love this tune, let’s reach the moon
That’s Cosmic Phunk
Feel that energy, as it flows through me
That’s Cosmic Phunk
The sound is bonafide, and I’m electrified
That’s Cosmic Phunk

June 18, 2019
blue bass drum

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The major deposits of Citrine are mined in Brazil. Other locations include Argentina, Madagascar, Burma, Namibia, Russia, Scotland & Spain.

Blue Wisdom

When we think in terms of US, and not ME, a choir of spirits sing praise

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