Poems/Lyrics – #Indian Majik

voodoo drums and voodoo dance
ey lah bas and hoodoo trance
spirits waltz while
layin’ nem tricks
the skull and bones
dey dustin’ bricks

[shallow water, fire water
trombonist, da major
apprentice, madrina]

[Cigars and Rum, Voodoo Drum
Circumstance and Voodoo Dance
Voodoo Trance and Voodoo Chants]

marching in the big street
to the bass drums and big beat
the brass blows it half fast
and the dancers kicking street class

the indians marchin’ and makin’ chaos
they sing and chant with dat pretty halo
chief & priest throw majik seance
as the customs sing, dance and faceoff

blue bass drum

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