Poems/Lyrics – Tuba-Listically Speaking

tuba-listically speaking, we’ve filled the streets
with majick music & perfect performers
We’ve re-imagined our purpose to vibrate
in this dimension, on frequencies and heartbeat…

voodoo alleys and violent rallies
my ancestral soul lives
in the cemeteries with the friendly fairies
can I take a ride on the
haunted trolley
to st. Patrick through st. Louis
to the church of bengali

at night the spirits rise
in a confusing falling in
every solitarty motion
unearths a new one

their missions unclear
and the music absorbs them
until the sun comes up

blue bass drum

Gemstone Tip of the Day

The major deposits of Citrine are mined in Brazil. Other locations include Argentina, Madagascar, Burma, Namibia, Russia, Scotland & Spain.

Blue Wisdom

All of our perceived imperfections are perfect in the eyes of universal creation.

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