Poems/Lyrics – Tuba-Listically Speaking

tuba-listically speaking, we’ve filled the streets
with majick music & perfect performers
We’ve re-imagined our purpose to vibrate
in this dimension, on frequencies and heartbeat…

voodoo alleys and violent rallies
my ancestral soul lives
in the cemeteries with the friendly fairies
can I take a ride on the
haunted trolley
to st. Patrick through st. Louis
to the church of bengali

at night the spirits rise
in a confusing falling in
every solitarty motion
unearths a new one

their missions unclear
and the music absorbs them
until the sun comes up

blue bass drum

Gemstone Tip of the Day

Happy birthday October babies! The fiery Opal & the gemstone Tourmaline are the birthstones representing those born in the month of October

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