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Welcome to BBDL! Our web address is This is the education center of Blue Bass Drum. We are an online school, geographically located in Covington, Louisiana. Our course concentration is in the area of Shamanism and Spiritual Healing. We have a long history teaching and training in a variety of environments. The majority of that experience has occurred in the University and/or company training settings. But as consultants in the area of IT, we are really teaching every day. There is nothing quite as gratifying than to be able to assist another along their personal path in a positive, loving and compassionate way. Shamanism can empower you to bring positive change to your own life and provide you a strong spiritual awakening for discovering existing and hidden talents.  It is truly a way for you to become acquainted and know your true self (who and what you really are). It is a process of discovery and glorious reconciliation. We'll even give you the first 3 Units of our apprenticeship for FREE. If you are still not 100% convinced and need a little more information before making a commitment, please feel free to browse any of our articles. The following are a good start: Welcome to BBDU (

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