Gris Gris/Mojo Bags

Gris Gris bags have been used in voodoo and southern folk magic since being brought to the southern US by slaves. They were used by ancestors for a specific purpose of need, such as love, protection, prosperity, etc. Each bag was typically made for a specific purpose, and in some cases, a specific person. Some say that the only effective way to make them is for a specific person, so that the practitioner can pray over the bag for their specific purpose. For that reason, different bags may contain different ingredients to accomplish different purposes. The bags were crafted in much the same way as oils were blended. The bags contain specific blend of herbs, flowers, talisman, etc. to achieve a healing purpose for the holder or bearer of the bag. Below are our Blue-Ju branded bags. Click on the product images to see more of a description, sample sounds, etc.

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Gemstone Tip of the Day

X - Amethyst comes from the Ancient Greek and means not drunk, a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness

Blue Wisdom

The water and the sky are dressed best in blue something rarely realized the feeling warms a soul and reminds me of where the hawk flew It felt like a new suit The light was blue The flame was white It bounced and moved with little effort it burned so bright The blue flame burns The blue flame burns The blue flame glows The blue flame glows and it feels so warm like a beating heart it's a brand new start

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