Annointing Oils

The use of oils for majikal/spiritual purposes is referenced as far back as the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, and are referenced in the Old & New Testament. They go by many names such as “Condition Oils,” “Dressing Oils,” “Annointing Oils,” “Hoodoo Oils,” or "Conjure Oils.” They are used to attract spiritual energy for a specific purpose. The oils are used in conjunction with enlisting the aid of a saint , angel or other traditional deity. Shamanism and Rootwork (natural majick) recognizes that herbs, plants and gemstones have their own inherent spirit, and the rootworker/practitioner seeks to have a relationship with these spirits. More than ingredients, they are our allies. Through traditional ceremonies and rituals with herbs, oils & plants, we craft oils to aid in certain conditions such as Protection, Prosperity or Spirituality. Below are out Blu-Ju branded oils. Click on the product images to see more of a description, sample sounds, etc.

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