This release represents a departure from prior releases by Blue Bass Drum.  In the past, the compositional approach did not limit what instruments, sound effects, etc. were used to achieve the desired results.  In this instance, the writing was concentrated for a 5 piece stationary instrument band or group.   Interestingly enough, it was tough to choose the 5th instrument, but, over time, and a lot of listening, the EWI was chosen as the 5th instrument simply because of the brilliant, beautiful sounds that were achieved by the late great Michael Brecker on the instrument.  It’s always been fascinating to witness his various uses of it.  The premise of composing for a 5 piece band also instilled some discipline into the process, which was initially, frustrating and unexpected.  The world of instruments and sounds got smaller when choosing for particular song parts.  However, it became a very like-able setup as writing for the follow-up to this release commenced.  Thanks for your interest in Blue Bass Drum

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