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The music of Blue Bass Drum is the direct result of Shamanic spiritual practice and experience.  Along this musical journey it has been fascinating to discover various ancient sound, tones and textures of those who perform in spiritual and ritual settings.  Those who I studied typically played this type of music to create a trance-like state.  We’ve discovered Indian instruments such as tablas and the Brazillian cuica, along with many other indigenous flutes, lutes and horns.  Ancient ritual singing or chanting was equally fascinating, especially certain styles like Tuvan throat singing.  This collection of sounds was used as soothing tones within the framework of whatever song we were composing.  The instruments and singing was also used to give our music a healing effect.  Whether it is obvious as a lead instrument or tucked into the background of the composition, they were purposely placed there to give the music these soothing tones in the midst of whatever other sonics were happening around it.  This release is a selection of those songs we thought best represented our use of the ancient instruments, tones and techniques.

blue bass drum

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Blue Topaz was named the state gemstone of Texas in 1969, to honor a small deposit of natural pale blue topaz that was found in Mason County.

Blue Wisdom

This release is meant as a representation of memories and the experience of the weekly mass that I attended long ago. In this release, I attempted to take the separate musical parts of the mass and blend them chronologically into one composition. The inspiration for this was the time I spent singing in school and church choirs throughout my life, in addition to my fascination with the organists. I began this musical journey taking organ lessons as a young boy.

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