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Blu-Ju Prosperity Oil is another of the traditional anointing, ritual, conjure, mojo oils.  It has been blended with the express purpose of assisting those with financial and emotional prosperity. There are lots of different prosperity and money drawing oils.  The prosperity oils I've seen, usually address love and money.  We thought we would approach it in a little different way. We concentrated on just the prosperity part of the purpose.  We added some ingredients to address emotional prosperity, as well, as financial.  The purpose for doing it this way is that not everyone believes that financial prosperity is most important.  By approaching it this way, the oil can be used for both or one or the other. We make our Prosperity Oil by using a mixture of essential oils and homegrown plants from our property.  Our Prosperity Oil comes in a 1/2 oz bottle. Prosperity Oil can be used to anoint it on your body, talismans or other charms.  Prosperity also can be mixed with other oils for different majikal results.  As you find ways to use it for personal purposes a simple prayer and the sign of the cross while saying, "In the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit; Amen.  We strongly believe in safety and ethics, and as such, incorporate these into all of our work to keep true to our responsibility to DO NO HARM. Each bottles' label is marked with Dragons Blood Ink for extra assistance. These should not be ingested under any circumstances! Please note that this mixture can be can be poisonous if ingested!

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