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Mark Glynn
Mark Glynn

Blue Bass Drum is a spiritual healing & education practice, where ancient traditional principals, ceremonies and rituals as well as energy and gemstone therapy are used to assist one in achieving spiritual balance.

The concept of Spiritual healing exists in numerous faiths.  A spiritual healer is a person who allows themselves to be used as a vessel through which the healing light and energy flow, from the healing power, to the one requesting to be healed.  We at Blue Bass Drum are the channels for healing energy; not the source.  All spiritual healers work in conscious cooperation with Spirit, channeling God’s healing power for those who wish to be healed.

It is important to note that all conditions can be treated by spiritual healing, but not all people will receive complete spiritual healing.  This is due to a number of unique factors in each person’s life, including the actual desire to be healed, your personal cloak of negative energy, pre-existing mental conditions/outlooks, and individual karma.

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People generally seek spiritual healing at many points throughout their personal journey to become a more spiritual person. Think of spiritual healing as a process that helps you find the best of yourself, while at the same time, allows you to shed the negative energy that is holding you back.

Because no two people are exactly alike, no two spiritual healing processes are exactly alike.  For this reason there may be different healing modalities employed, depending on the spiritual issue involved.  South Louisiana is a perfect example of how different modalities may combined with others over the years.  Their is a very strong Christian and Catholic presence here.  There is what we call “The Bible Belt” in the more Northern parts of the state and are predominately Southern Baptists.  In the Southern part of Louisiana, Catholicism is the tool of choice.  As I was growing up, I thought they had this many Catholic churches everywhere.  In 50 years, I’ve never lived or visited anywhere that had that many of them concentrated in one area.Fire Pit

Of all the mystical belief systems, and there are many, we have mixed so many that we have our own brand (religion) here in south Louisiana called either Louisiana Voodoo or New Orleans Voodoo, which includes native African, Haitian, South American and Native American spiritual beliefs mixed with Catholicism as a result of the slave trade.  The slaves were forced to worship Christianity or Catholicism when they arrived here.  So the slaves syncretized there original beliefs with Saints and holy figures from Christianity that came close to representing their own deities and spiritualism.  The slave owners were none the wiser, and the slaves maintained some passing resemblance of home.  Shamanism does not have a huge presence in this geographic location per se’, but core Shamanic beliefs are really spread out among most religious or spiritual systems.   Think of Shamanism being the over arching system of beliefs not attached to a particular religion.  All of the other organized religions of the world borrowing pieces and parts of Shamanism, then presenting it in their own unique way.

Blue Bass Drum is not different from South Louisiana in that way.  We’ve studied various mystical and non-mystical belief and religious spiritual systems and subjects and use whatever methods work for our education and healing purposes.  There are many methods that crossover from one belief system to another.  It very seldom comes down to be purely this or purely that.  We are concerned with healing in whatever manner is most effective.

Above an beyond the physical products that we offer in our store, services employed as a result of consultation can take many forms and pull from multiple mod20151122_120005alities.

We are strong believers in education and have participated in the teaching and guiding developing young minds in the University setting.  If we cease the desire to learn, we cease the desire to live.  As such we offer online courses in Shamanism from an introduction to these ancient spiritual beliefs to full-blown apprenticeships.  We have found that one-on-one guidance combined with the student learning by doing offers the best results, so we wrote our courses with that as our guiding light.  We also practice what we preach.  We would not ask a student to perform anything related to Shamanism that we hadn’t practiced ourselves during our own apprenticeships.  We believe in building the strongest foundation possible, so sometimes it may feel as if we are practicing old and arcane concepts or rituals.  Well that’s what it takes to build the most sturdy of foundations, so that’s what we attempt to do.


Applicable Worldly Experience

  • CSP, Certified Shamanic Practitioner
  • Shamanism mentor and student
  • Meditation Certification
  • Certified Diamondtologist
  • New Orleans Style Voodoo apprentice
  • Adjunct Professors, Loyola University New Orleans, College of Music
  • Software Consultants and programmers
  • Industry Executives
  • Musicians, Composers, Authors
  • Business Owners
  • BS, Accounting, Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Certified Public Accountant (inactive)

Our practice follows an ethical code that promotes ‘Do No Harm’ and can be read HERE.

Our terms and conditions are HERE.

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