Sonic Quintet

Poems/Lyrics – Bless

Jun 2,18

Bless us as we bow to serve Take us to our destiny Bless us as we humble our hearts For …

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Poems/Lyrics – Gravitational Pull

Jun 2,18

When there’s a reason to touch ………… a reason to speak ………… a reason to see ………… a reason to …

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Poems/Lyrics – Glori-Essence

Jun 2,18

beautiful waves moving through us the color of blue is the sky around us the sun shines thru our souls …

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Poems/Lyrics – You to Heal

Oct 3,17

Metaphysicians observe and heal from depths and dimensions to heights and heavens will they go for you to heal Doktors …

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Some believe Garnet gemstones can help heal problems with the heart, low blood pressure, bones, spine, blood, pulmonary & sleeping disorders

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