Why I Bought My Own Tibetan Singing Bowl for Meditation

Several months ago, I walked into a yoga class, dripping sweat from running through the subway station (in an attempt) to make it there on time, my mind racing from a stressful day at work. Being a few minutes late (the shame, IYKYK), I hurried into the class and sat down on my mat huffing and puffing, really not in the mindset of to tackle a headstand. Don’t get me wrong—there’s nothing like a little downward dog or child’s pose to help me feel centered, but that day I just wanted to be *still*, to stop my mind from spiraling, my heart from beating out of my chest, and my anxiety from skyrocketing. I really needed to take a beat and zen out in Savasana (aka the corpse pose that kind of looks like you’re taking a nap).

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August 18, 2020
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