Poems/Lyrics – Gravitational Pull

When there’s a reason to touch
………… a reason to speak
………… a reason to see
………… a reason to hear

Desires closed no matter where we gaze
The metaphysical world is secluded
We raised ourselves to the ignorance of
where we originate and included

We ran and hid and did these things
It seemed so right and acceptance followed
and the more we obtained the better we felt
all the while moving farther from ourself.


June 2, 2018
blue bass drum

Gemstone Tip of the Day

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Blue Wisdom

This release is meant as a representation of memories and the experience of the weekly mass that I attended long ago. In this release, I attempted to take the separate musical parts of the mass and blend them chronologically into one composition. The inspiration for this was the time I spent singing in school and church choirs throughout my life, in addition to my fascination with the organists. I began this musical journey taking organ lessons as a young boy. Inspiration also came from the prog rock group Emerson, Lake & Palmer

To listen to Holy Mass click HERE

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